Wang Yuyu


1991, lives and works Xangai, China

Wang Yuyu’s practice revolves around the liminality of movement for the body and objects. She believes that the authenticity of everyday life can be expounded through somatic experiences. Her work explores how the sensual and physical level of experiences could be transformed through different methods, such as sculpture, installation, image, and performance, to discuss the relationship between the individual and the contemporary landscape of social life. Her practice is focused on the body’s participation in individual emotional expression and the possibility of narrative-weaving in a specific field. 

Wang graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from Slade School of Fine Art in 2016. Recent exhibitions include the solo show “Hook and Eye of Collar” (Antenna-tenna, Shanghai, 2021); and the group shows ”Fortune Exhibition of Li’s Family House” (White Space Beijing, 2021), “There” (Studio Gallery Shanghai, 2020), “Buddhist Youth: United Collective Indifference” (Goethe-Institut, Beijing, 2019), among others.

Naomi Lulendo participated in the exhibition Unfinished Camp@Pivô in 2022