Jazz Money


Jazz Money is an award-winning poet of Wiradjuri heritage. Her practice centers around the written word while producing works that encompass installation, digital, film and print. Money is a trained filmmaker and also works as an arts worker, artist, educator and researcher, with a particular interest in working with First Nations artists and communities to realize digital projects. Through both her linguistic and filmic practices, Jazz’s fascination with technology, her innovative and expanding ideas on data sovereignty, Indigeneity on the net, and the possibilities to explore Indigenous futures and utopias create a vast and exciting platform to create new work.


In 2020 Jazz was awarded the David Unaipon Award from the State Library of Queensland and a First Nations Emerging Career Award from the Australian Council for the Arts. She has won numerous other awards and exhibited her work throughout Australia. Her debut book, how to make a basket, is forthcoming in 2021 from University of Queensland Press.