Christian Salablanca Diaz


1990, lives and works Costa Rica

Licentiate in Arts and Visual Communication from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, with a Cum Laude in Sculpture. Christian has been Artist in Residence at Flora Ars + Natura Movement program (2020), Sagrada Mercancía (Chile), Flora Ars + Natura (Colombia), Arts Collaboratory / Cráter Invertido (Mexico), KIOSKO (Bolivia), Despacio (Costa Rica), and Espira La Espora (Nicaragua). His artistic research processes are centered on phenomena of violence as well as on the various ways in which they produce, determine, and condition the historical, social, and political dwellings of subjects. His production methods are mostly “field studies” in territories and with populations in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. His works attempt to transcend the conventional disciplinary languages and to establish a radical connection between the different cultural relations that constitute systems of violence: from human to animal, from word to symbolic memory, from centers of power to marginalized communities.

His work has been exhibited (solo) in Sagrada Mercancía, Chile (2019); Flora Ars Natura and Valenzuela Klenner Gallery, Colombia (2018); and Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC), Costa Rica (2014). As part of collective exhibitions, his work has appeared in Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz (Germany), Biquini Wax, Zona de Desgaste (Mexico), TEOR/ética (Costa Rica), Gasworks (England), Sagrada Mercancía (Chile), Espacio Odeón (Colombia), Museum of Modern Art Medellín (MAMM, Colombia), T20 Gallery (Spain), Quito Contemporary Art Center (CAC, Ecuador), Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC, Costa Rica), Oswaldo de Andrade Office (Brasil), Espacio Dorffi (Canary Islands) and Museos del Banco Central (Costa Rica). In the year 2016, his tooks part of the 10th Central American Biennial, and in 2019 of BIENAL DEL SUR, Argentina.