Ventura Profana: Mais que Abundante

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Visiting hours

Opening: 5pm
Performance: 6pm


free entry
ticket pickup 12/09 via Sympla

Wrapping Pivô’s 2021 program, the visual artist, missionary pastor, evangelist singer, writer, and composer Ventura Profana will perform her new show Mais que Abundante. Profana will present the compositions from the singles Resplandecente (2019), EU NÃO VOU MORRER (2020), and the EP Traquejos Pentecostais para Matar o Senhor (2020) rearranged for the band format. The new formation, which includes a keyboard, bass, saxophone, percussion, and electronics, also has the participation of backing vocalists Azula and Wassa, bringing the artist’s music closer to gospel and jazz sounds. The performance will take place on Saturday, December 11, at 6pm, at Pivô’s main exhibition space. The free and limited tickets must be picked up, starting December 9th, through the Sympla platform.


Wherever she is called, Ventura Profana establishes congregations that shake cathedrals. Her mission is to evangelize, that is, to spread the good news that heralds the end of the colonial state, of male dominance and white supremacy. Raised in a traditional Baptist family in Bahia’s countryside, she has structured her work from the concept of “edification,” the spiritual and physical construction of a fortress that stimulates, enriches, and glorifies racialized and dissident lives.


In 2021, Profana participated in Pivô Satellite, Pivô’s platform for digital projects, with the project procure vir antes do inverno, featuring a series of new works in text, video, photography, and collage. Her work questions the moral hypocrisy and the patriarchal, white, and capitalist logic of churches, especially the neo-Pentecostal ones. The proposal was part of the curatorial project Sex, Lies and Videotape, by Raphael Fonseca, and can be accessed in the Archive of the platform Pivô Satellite.


The performance Mais que Abundante is part of the transversal public program Respiração, this program is sponsored by Beck’s.



Ventura Profana (Director)

Azula (Vocal Coach and Backing Vocal)

Nyara Wassa (Backing Vocal)

Poeta da Ancestralidade (Fundamental Participation)



Beà Ayòóla (Musical Director and Bass Player)

MV Hemp (Musical Producer)

Tuco (Saxophonist)

Sir Lucas (Keyboardist)

Ana Magatra (Percussionist)


Eloá Souto (Executive Production)

Ode (Art Director and Stylist)

Gabriel Gomes (Beauty)

Byu La (Illustrator and Designer)

Zan Martins and Robson Valentim (Lighting)

LuminiSounds (Sound Design)



Ventura Profana: Mais que Abundante

Saturday, December 11, 6pm*

Free of charge (tickets can be picked up on December 9th, via Sympla)

*Space opening: 5pm

Limited capacity



Ventura Profana, 1993, lives and works Salvador

Daughter of the mysterious entrails of mother Bahia, from where arteries of living waters sustain in faith, abound. Ventura Profana (Salvador, 1993) prophesizes multiplication and abundant black, indigenous and transvestite life. She breaks the haze: erotic, atomic, taking red as religion. Her doctrine comes from Baptist temples, she is a missionary pastor, evangelist singer, writer, composer, and visual artist, whose practice is rooted in researching the implications and methodologies of deuteronomism in Brazil and abroad, through the spread of neopentecostal churches. The oil of daisies, jiboias and reginas run down the paths until it floods her with desire: anointing. It praises, like the nailing of a dagger licked with cerol and rust in Pharisaic hearts.