Open Field


May/21 – 29/2021

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The Cicle I of 2021’s Pivô Research residency program, ends with the hybrid IRL and digital event Open Field, happening between May 21 and 29. During this period, resident artists will share the outcomes of their processes and collective discussions held during the 12 weeks of residency. The proposals will be presented both in the Pivô’s space and on its digital platforms, including website, mailing, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and on a Cargo platform created especially to host the residents’ proposals.


Cycle I, held between March 8th and June 2nd. Participating artists: Denise Alves-Rodrigues, DUDX, Julia da Mota, Juno B., Laryssa Machada, Noara Quintana, Raphael Escobar and Yná Kabe Rodríguez Olfenza, and curatorial follow up by Cláudio Bueno and João Simões, from the Explode! platform.


Full program




The Window-Gallery, located on Pivô’s ground floor, features works by resident artists Noara Quintana and Julia da Mota.


Open Field Platform: While All Is said And Done


In this online platform, resident artists share some of their projects, references and research in progress. The contents presented respond to the collective discussions unfolding during the residency and informed by the thoughts of the artist and philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva.


Projeto: Video Program


Aiming to spread the range of collaborations, the video program Projeto brings together a series of audiovisual works made by artists invited by the program’s residents. The collective endeavour discusses the means of access, provoking a widening of the very limits of the residency.


Alice Yura invited by DUDX
Bianca Kalutor invited by Yná K. Rodríguez Olfenza
Fernanda Terepins invited by Julia da Mota
Índio Badaróss and André Okuma invited by Raphael Escobar
Raíza Rozados invited by Laryssa Machada
Tiago Ive Rubini invited by por Denise Alves-Rodrigues
Trojany invited by Juno B.


Blog and Channel


Pivô´s blog, features new visual and written essays by DUDX, Noara Quintana, Raphael Escobar and Yná Kabe Rodríguez Olfenza. On the Channel, new videos by Juno B. and Laryssa Machada.




In the podcast series às vezes pra acessar a terra precisamos cair, Laryssa Machada establishes a dialogue with four indigenous artists, opening a communication channel amidst the historical storms in an attempt to settle new narratives.

Participating in the conversations are Potyratê Tupinambá, Fykyá Pankararu, Kessia Daline and Morena.


In PVT Webrario, DUDX talks with colleagues in residence, exploring the edge of thought of the interviewees, trying to understand issues that are not directly decisive in their research, but that surround them.

Participating in the conversations are Raphael Escobar, Laryssa Machada, Noara Quintana, Yná Kabe Rodríguez Olfenza and Juno B.


Content in Portuguese only.




Through the appropriation of a private and hegemonic learning space, Yná Kabe Rodríguez Olfenza promotes Cursinho: a kind of unfettered lecture-performance interested in subversion.

May 26th, Wednesday, 7pm

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Introduction to Useless Methodologies is a basic tutorial presenting the fourth (and last) interest that permeates artist Denise Alves-Rodrigues‘ practices/studies/tests. A brief landscape, about connections and skills and lapses that make up the axis between Failed Technologies, Doubtful Theories, Impure Sciences and Useless Methodologies.

May 28th, Friday, 5pm

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The activities will be held in Portuguese with simultaneous interpretation in Brazilian sign language.




Juno B. and Yná Kabe Rodríguez Olfenza edit a special edition of the newsletter. Virtuality as a possibility, hacking and tensioning the perspectives of insertion and/or subversion of circuits.