Open Studios and Books Launch



Visiting hours

SAB: 13h - 19h



On June 10th, Pivô holds the 9th edition of the Open Studio, within the artistic residency program Pivô Research.

The studio practice within the institution aims to create an exchange environment, which combines a constant interlocution among agents of the local artistic scene, time and a shared workspace.

The Open Studio moment is when the public is invited to get close to the process of the artists in residency, who presents work in progress, try ways of exhibiting and produce specific content to the event, such as film screens and open talks.

Participants in residency at Pivô Research: Claudio Zecchi, Dan Coopey, Flora Rebollo, Frauke Zabel, Gui Mohallem, Janaina Wagner, Jonathan Murphy, Julien Auregan, Lucas Simões, Maura Grimaldi, Melissa Stabile, Oskar Schmidt, Pia Eikaas, Pontogor, Thiago Barbalho

On the same day happens the Launch Day # 2 of Casa Plana. This is the universal day of book launch. Once a month, authors and editors show their work processes and creation in open conversations with the public and propose exhibitions or performances in free formats.

The titles that are going to be launched are: D.U.C.T.O, by Nydia Negromonte; ENTREVISTAS [vol.1], by A Escola Livre; Jornal de Borda by Fernanda Grigolin; O Livro das Armas, by Ângelo Manjabosco; Chuva Ácida, by Nícolas Vargas

Completing the program, Ubu Editora launches the book Fotografia e poesia (afinidades eletivas) by Adolfo Montejo Navas.
The author, poet, critic and curator will present the concept of his essay that became a book after winning the Marc Ferrez Photography Prize in 2015 at 3pm