Pivô Research

Pivô Research is the institution’s residency programme. Focused mainly on studio practice and project follow-ups, the initiative is aimed at creating an environment that values experimentation, where individual research times are respected, and where artists and curators are provided with frequent interchanges.

Each residency is tailored to the participant and the programme increases dialogues and interlocution in different levels: from individual meetings, to long term discussions, from the exchanges among the residents, to the presentation to the public. The activities of the residency involve:

Curatorial accompaniment with Pivô’s Team

Pivô’s curatorial team pays regular visits to the residents, accompanying their production and proposing guidelines for discussions, sharing references as well as organizing inner events where practioneers talk about their processes and methodologies.

Studio talks

Discussions between the residents about their works, mediated by Pivô’s curatorial team and, eventually, guest artists and curators.

Pivô Research invites

Artists and curators are invited to meet the residents and discuss their works on site.

Public programmes

Activities when the public is invited to participate and meet the residents and their work. Pivô holds several open studio days throught the year as well as open talks and discussions between participants and guests.

Pivô Research visits

The residents visit other artists’ studios and exhibitions, accompanied by the curators of the institutions. These activities engage the residents in different environments and provide an insider’s view to the local art scene.

Blog and Video Channel

Online platforms, disclosing interviews, texts, visual and written essays proposed by the residents and guests collaborators.

This year we received a large volume of applications for the Pivô Research program. Because of this, the vacancies for the third cycle of 2019 are already filled. Our call for applications is now closed and will open again in February 2020. We would like to thank all those who have applied!


For more information, please, contact pesquisa@pivo.org.br