Pivô Research

Pivô Research is Pivô’s artistic residency program that has been in permanent activity since 2013, based in the Copan building, in downtown São Paulo. Over the years, Pivô Research has accumulated extensive experience in the training of artists through the critical follow-up of projects and in facilitating the development of works, having established a network of professionals who frequently collaborate with the program. More than 150 artists, including Brazilians and foreigners, went through Pivô’s residence.


The annual program is divided into 3 cycles per year, lasting 12 weeks, receiving up to 9 artists per cycle Participants are offered a research grant of R$1000 per month for the duration of the program. Each group is accompanied by guest curators, who work in collaboration with Pivô’s curatorial team. These professionals follow the artists’ processes throughout the cycle, promoting a shared critical environment, supported by different educational activities.


For more information, please write to pesquisa@pivo.org.br.