golpe de graça (blow of grace) is a sculpture at Copan building, where Pivô  is located. Its aim is to construct an hourglass, an instrument to measure time, whose two vessels are the ground and first floors.

The first gesture was the simple carving of a hole connecting both spaces. Dowstairs the artist deposited rubble (from the recent renovation the space went thru) that were later on enveloped in the bags where the material was collected – with the help of scaffold, creating an impenetrable room.

But, upstairs, the hole became a wishing well, where the public could throw coins, for a grace. A cctv system reveals the interior of the room below and the existence of a bucket with water, where the coins might fall. That simple gesture, the throw of a coin, a blow of grace, was the ultimate sculptural act that creates the work.

Three cement slabs (called stelae, a term taken from archaelogy, by the artist) gave subtle indications of this hand work, by encapsulating photographs of hands from ads, removed from their backgrounds and walled in concrete.

matheus rocha pitta, são paulo, october 2013.