Tabuleiro em Construção


Jun/22/2013, Jul/13/2013

Visiting hours

SAT 22/06/13, 11am - 1pm: Talk with Arturo Gamero.
SAT 13/07/13, 3pm - 5pm: Workshop capturing live images with Edith Derdyk.
Max 30 people.
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SAT 29/09/13 3pm - 5pm: Migration of “Tabuleiro” at PIVÔ.



As part of the program PIVÔ INVITES, which promotes dialogues and partnerships between contemporary artists and creators in the PIVÔ space, São Paulo natives Edith Derdyk and Lua Tatit proposed the artistic project “TABULEIRO EM CONSTRUÇÃO,” in which they interact in an ample space on the second floor of Pivô during the months of May, June and July of 2013.

Starting from their study of possible relationships between dance, music and the visual arts, Edith and Lua together initiate a reflection / conception of a corporeal language that originates in the intersection of media and through the experimentation of choreographic compositions.

The scene is developed around an installation of blocks of paper made by Derdyk, which follows the same line as her previous works like “Tabuleiro” 2010 and works like a “scenic game,” opening up a space of inquiry around the dance space – a study which Lua has concentrated on since 2006 through such works as “Aqui” and “Centímetros Decibéis”  (2009).

The project combines these experiments and investigates the permeability of languages in a setting other than the exhibition space, the auditorium or the dance rehearsal room, generating distinct meanings out of the relationships between the visual arts and music in the space, with the body in motion as the link to the project as a whole.

The process of developing the proposal and the experimentation being realized at PIVÔ serve as rehearsal for the installation to be finalized starting in August at SESC Santo Amaro – supporter of the project at PIVÔ and founder of the initiative at its headquarters- and in this setting the work will also feature Rodrigo Gontijo’s video recordings of the process and the daily interaction with the public. “Tabuleiro” will be held at SESC Santo Amaro from 8/20 to 9/15/2013, Tuesdays, 9 p.m.; and Saturdays and Sundays, 6 p.m.

Following this line of operations, in which the project is fueled by its interdisciplinary nature, the artists promote a series of meetings open to the public, “2 or more: poetic pretexts” at PIVÔ. They will feature professional guests like poet Arturo Gamero, in an open conversation on June 22nd. In a second open meeting on July 6th, Edith Derdyk will lead a workshop for capturing images through drawing and photography during the “Tabuleiro” dance rehearsals. And lastly, bringing the project’s complete process to a close, September 28th will see the “migration” of the installation and its intervention in different spaces inside PIVÔ, with the project’s entire team, including musician Dudu Tsuda and interpreter Isabela Santana. The activities will take place on Saturdays 6/22, 7/6 and 9/29.


EDITH DERDYK has been participating in group and solo exhibitions in Brazil (MAM- SP/RJ, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil/RJ, MASP, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Paço das Artrs_SP, Paço Imperial_RJ, Casa das 11 Janelas_Bellém and other institutions) and abroad (Mexico, USA, Germany, Denmark, Colombia, Spain, France, Switzerland and Belgium) since 1981.

LUA TATIT is an actress, dancer and yoga teacher. She holds a degree in Body Arts Communications from PUC-SP (2000/2004) and a license in Iyengar Yoga from Kalidas Nuyken at the Surya School of Yoga (2006).


Program of coordinated activities “2 OR MORE: POETIC PRETEXTS”

Day: saturday 22/06/13

Time: 11am to 1pm

Talk with poet and artist Arturo Gamero


Day: saturday 13/07/13

Time: 3pm to 5pm

Workshop capturing live images with Edith Derdyk

Max 30 people

Subscription at


Day: saturday 29/09/13

Time: 3pm to 5pm

Migration of  “Tabuleiro” at PIVÔ