"Ensaio para gravação de orquestra" / Leticia Ramos, Lucia Koch and Rosanno Snel


Apr/ 5/2013

Visiting hours

FRI: 7pm - 10pm



As the final production stage in the project “VOSTOK-um prólogo“ [“VOSTOK-a prologue“], Leticia Ramos proposes the musical performance “Rehearsal for an orchestra recording,” in collaboration with artist Lúcia Koch and composer/conductor Rossano Snel. In the scenarios used by Leticia, with lighting by Koch and sheet music by Snel for six instruments in four times inspired by the images of VOSTOK, the musicians will realize an improvised interpretation with percussion and wind instruments, and also utilize objects from the set. The performance will take place on the night of Friday, April 5th, and is also open to the public, thus completing the artist’s creative and productive journey.