Silent Walk @ Pivô Research



Visiting hours

10am -9:30pm

The artist Vivian Caccuri will develop for the first time the ‘silent walk’ Project in São Paulo during her residency at Pivô Research program.

The silent walk project consists of an eight-hour long urban itinerary made for an excursion of fifteen to twenty people, for visiting places of intense acoustic activity. Constructions that shelter contrasting sounds or polished halls, roof of buildings, underground paths, loud neighborhoods and monuments are examples of locations through which the expedition will walk under a vow of silence. This Silent walk was developed during the artist residency for the Program Pivô Research and will start in the morning and end with a dinner prepared by the chef Blu Simon Wasem from Gastronomia D’Improviso where all the participants are able to speak again. Participants can subscribe by sending a message to the Silent Walk facebook page. Places are limited.

Silent Walk: Wednesday, 19/11 from 10am – 6pm

Dinner: 7pm – 9:30pm