Pivô Research

Pivô Research is the institution’s residency program. Mainly focused on assisted studio-practice, the program aims to achieve this goals: to allow artists time and space to work, support an emerging artist scene in São Paulo through international exchange and to bring the processes of contemporary creation closer to the public by exposing the entire movement involved in the conception and manufacture of a work, thus expanding the content generated by Pivô to the social sphere.

Each residency is tailored to the artist, depending on their interests and needs. Artists in residency at Pivô Research use their time to study, think, shape new work and take advantage of the interesting cultural and sociopolitical reality of central São Paulo. The basic premise is to give them time and quality interlocution, with few strings attached and as lively an interaction with Pivô’s curatorial team and the local art scene as they wish. Production is not a requirement, but the ongoing research processes are often presented to the public during Open Studio days and, on occasion, the resident come with a specific project to be developed on site. Most of the projects unfold during the residency period or long afterward.