Pivô Research

Pivô Research is the institution’s residency program. Mainly focused on assisted studio-practice, the program aims to achieve this goals: to allow artists and curators time and space to work, support an emerging artistic scene in São Paulo through international exchange and to bring the processes of contemporary creation closer to the public by exposing the entire movement involved in the conception and manufacture of a work, thus expanding the content generated by Pivô to the social sphere.

Each residency is tailored to the resident and the programme increases dialogues and interlocution in different levels: from individual meetings, to long term discussions, from the exchanges among the residents, to the presentation to the public. The activities of the residency involve:


Accompaniament with Pivô’s curatorial team

Studio talks – Discussions between the residents about their works, mediated by Pivô’s curatorial team and, eventually, guest artists and curators.

Pivô Research Invites – Artists and curators are invited to meet the residents and discuss their works on site

Curatorial accompaniament – Guest curators continually follow a group of residents throughout the residency period, proposing connections and possible collective activities such as public talks and content to Pivô’s Blog and Video Channel.

Public Talks – Moment of exchange between artists, curators and the public, in which the discussions about the residents’ practice are expanded to the public sphere.

Open Studio – Public event, when the public is invited to get in touch with  the residents’ process when they show works in process, experiment with the space or purpose talks, and performance sessions, for example.

Blog – Online platform , disclosing interviews, texts, visual and written essays by the residents and guests collaborators.


The public open call runs throughout the year, with designated entry periods. The proposals are analyzed by Pivô’s curatorial team and selected according to criteria such as relevance, coherence, availability and affinity with previously selected projects.

The applicants must fill  a form and submit a recent cv and portfolio. To request the application form, please write to: pesquisa@pivo.org.br