Hello. Again

Interventions for Pivô’s reception space

This program has the aim to introduce the space and greet Pivô’s visitors. The title is inspired on a work, also entitled ‘Hello. Again’, by the Israeli artist Haim Steinbach, announcing a reencounter. This project has the objective to greet returning visitors and introduce the public to the space, establishing a personal relation with everyone that enters Pivô. The interventions on the ground floor promote a continuous dialogue between Copan’s street, the environment of La Central restaurant and Pivô’s exhibitions and program, instigating passers by through this vitrine, lit by night.

 ‘Hello. Again’ program receives three unseen projects throughout the year. Artists are invited to develop specific projects in order to create a bridge between the reality of downtown São Paulo population and Pivô. Two editions are made by invitation, and the third presents a project selected via an open-call.