PIVÔ is pleased to present the Brazilian artist Leticia Ramos and her project “VOSTOK – a prologue”, as part of the program “PIVÔ INVITES”. Ramos will open the set for shooting and filming images for the book and film on the second floor. From 12th March the space will be open for the public visits to the artist´s work ambience.

After participating in an artistic expedition to the North Pole, Leticia was surprised by the news about the scientific Russian base in Antarctica and how they had obtained samples from a lake 4 km under the ice. These samples are “time capsules” of the moment the water froze.

As a conclusion of the production in PIVÔ, Ramos organizes the performance “Rehearsal for recording the orchestra”, in collaboration with the artist Lúcia Koch and the composer and conductor Rosanno Snel. The event will take place on the film set, with special illumination by Koch and score for six instruments in four movements by Snel, both of them inspired by the “VOSTK- a prologue” images. The musicians will play an improvised composition with percussion and wind instruments as well as sounds produced with Leticia´s installation objects. The performance will be on 5th April, at 19.00 hours and will be open to the public. It will be the final point of the creative and productive process.


Video – Pedro Marques