Pivô is an independent non-profit contemporary art space, which is free and open to the public, located in São Paulo city centre. Founded in 2012, in a 3500m² space – previously closed for around 20 years – in the iconic Copan building designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Pivô works as a platform that facilitates artistic and curatorial experimentation, as well as being a meeting point for several players in the national and international art community and the public. Invited artists and curators are encouraged to go beyond their daily practice and to respond formally and conceptually to the specificities of Pivô’s architecture and context, proposing and carrying out projects that would be unlikely in different circumstances. Away from market pressures and excessively bureaucratic frameworks, Pivô is a place of experimentation that comes into fruition through exhibitions and commissioned artworks, workshops, art residencies and public programmes with artists at different stages in their careers and from different nationalities.


Artistic Director
Fernanda Brenner

Development Director
Sandra Oksman

Executive Assistant
Ligia Andrade

Production Assistant
Raquel Sena

Curatorial Assistant
Kimie Noda

Curatorial Assistant
Leandro Muniz

Studio Manager
Matias Oliveira


Front Desk
Matheus Reis

General Assistant
Iago Timoteo

Benjamin Seroussi
Bernardo Faria
Caio Mariano
Georgiana Rothier
Jochen Volz
Lilian Tone
Luis Barbieri
Luiz Parreiras
Ricardo Sardenberg
Solange Farkas