Artistic Director

Fernanda Brenner

Development Director

Sandra Oksman


Executive Assistant

Ligia Andrade



Tatiane Takahashi


Production Assistant

Raquel Sena


Curatorial Assistant

Jessica Varrichio


Studio Manager

Matias Oliveira




Front Desk

Matheus Reis


General Assistant

Iago Timoteo




Bernardo Faria

Elizabeth Dee

Felipe Dmab

Georgiana Rothier 

Jochen Volz

Lilian Tone

Ricardo Sardenberg


How does an idea become an object of art or an exhibition in our time? And what is the relationship between these objects and exhibitions and their surroundings and art history? These issues are fundamental and are renewed by every generation of viewers of contemporary art.

Amidst the cultural effervescence of central São Paulo – and with these issues always in mind – PIVÔ was born as a space for experimental and process-based art that devotes more attention to the peculiarities of each project and provides a range of opportunities for artists and invited researchers to develop their research.

The program of PIVÔ is comprised of exhibitions, special projects, workshops, residencies, educational activities and lectures divided between the programs: Annual Exhibitions Program and PIVÔ Research. Its structure develops alongside its program, in an open process with constant changes. And its mission is precisely to rethink the visual arts institutional model in Brazil – which, while ensuring creative freedom for artists, undertakes responsibilities with its surroundings, in an attempt to extend this autonomy of thought to the visiting public. Since its foundation, the goal has always been to provide artists, all those working in the space and its visitors of the space, with a context for critical thinking as well as aesthetic experiences.

PIVÔ seeks new management and funding models, coordinating partnerships and offering alternatives for the support of artists, critics, curators and cultural producers in the national and international spheres. In the four years of its existence, the institution has held around 40 projects, hosted in its space an average of 200 artists from many different countries and has received about 50,000 visitors